All About Sagittarius: The Secrets of Your Sign

If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st, you are a Sagittarius. Your sign is represented by the Archer and Centaur—half-man and half-horse. A mutable sign, yours takes us through late fall in the Northern Hemisphere and prepares us for the transition to winter.

Your Ruling Planet and Element

Jupiter, the planet known as the Great Benefic rules your sign. Along with your ruling element of fire, this creates energy of heat and expansiveness reminiscent of a hot air balloon that will take you places far and wide.

Your Strengths

You are the sign most open to change. While others may resist change, you embrace it. In fact you find it hard to live without it. That puts you at a distinct advantage in these times of rapid technological growth and transformation.

With a curious and inquisitive nature you love to learn and explore. However you are not content to remain within the walls of a library or university. You long to be a student of life experiences. Broadening your horizons through travel and meeting people is your curriculum.

You love your freedom. Whether it’s related to daily life, work of even thought, you cherish being able to come and go as you please. You know of course that’s not always possible, but thanks to your optimistic, easygoing and philosophical nature you tend to take difficulties in stride.

Generally an extrovert, you get along with all kinds of people. Enthusiastic, cheerful and friendly, you can hang out with princes and paupers alike and have a fantastic time!

When it comes to love and romance, like the Archer you aim for a specific target, but like the Centaur you long to run free. You can easily set your eyes on someone, but really love the thrill of the chase. Being a free spirit, you don’t mind a casual fling here and there. Yet, when you’re ready to settle down it’s essential to have a partner that shares your love of adventure.

Your Weaknesses

While your flexibility and desire for change is admirable, when feeling mentally, emotionally or even physically constricted, you become restless and antsy. You may even lash out and rebel in some manner. This could lead to bouts of irresponsibility and foolish actions. Learning to cultivate an attitude of patience could do you a world of good.

Your outgoing nature is quite appealing and you tend to speak your mind freely. At times this can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. You often say anything without regard for how it may be received. Exercise a little diplomacy now and then when you speak.

Other Little Secrets

Some little secrets you may not know about your sign: your lucky colors are turquoise and purple, your lucky gemstone is topaz and your lucky metal is tin. You have sexy killer legs.


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