Want to Improve Your Luck? Look to Jupiter

Ever wonder why some people just seem to be born lucky? You can chalk it up to fate, but chances are this person has Jupiter helping out. Jupiter is the planet of luck and the giver of gifts. Regardless of your Sun sign, Jupiter can show up in any sign in your birth chart. Having a professional horoscope done works best, but you can look online for Jupiter sign tables. See how you can improve your luck based on Jupiter’s position.

Jupiter in Aries

You attract luck when you take charge and act as a leader. Engaging in a little healthy competition will also result in winning odds for you. Take a chance on new projects!

Jupiter in Taurus

Good fortune comes to you when you are in touch with your senses and instinct. Listen to your body; it will lead you towards the path to success. Finance, gardening and food and wine are lucky areas.

Jupiter in Gemini

Luck will arrive for you when you connect socially with others. Your curiosity and charm will uncover the most wonderful opportunities. The area of communications holds much success for you.

Jupiter in Cancer

Displaying sympathy and promoting charity will provide you with good fortune. By caring for others, you will receive luck in the form of good karma. Food and real estate are prosperous areas for you.

Jupiter in Leo

For you, generosity and creativity leads to success, especially when you share the spotlight with others. Luck will follow you in the areas of the arts, entertainment and anything to do with children.

Jupiter in Virgo

Good things come your way when you pay attention to details. You are the practical type and don’t believe in luck as much as hard work. Even so, your practicality will pay off.

Jupiter in Libra

Keeping your life in balance will lead to good fortune. Working with a partner will make you doubly lucky. Success is likely in the arts or architecture, law and politics.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Intensity is your key to good fortune. Putting your all into a project or endeavor will lead to a wealth of opportunities and success. Science, research and investigation are lucky for you.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Being out in the world sharing yourself with others will bring you the most luck. You need to have a sense of freedom. Travel, education and outdoor sports are prosperous areas for you.

Jupiter in Capricorn

When you act responsibly and manage your affairs in a businesslike way, you are assured luck and success. History and antiques can bring you some unique opportunities.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Luck comes to you when you allow yourself some inner freedom to pursue innovation. Any efforts dealing with technology or humanitarian causes will create good fortune.

Jupiter in Pisces

Your compassion, tenderness and giving nature will bring about good fortune. Ironically by focusing on the underdog, you end up a winner.


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