What are ‘Houses’ in Astrology, and What do They Mean?

In astrology, a lot of words can confuse newcomers. One such word thrown around a lot in natal chart readings and forecasts is 'house'. When an astrologer refers to a house, he's not talking about a building-- he's talking about a specific realm of influence. This system of house divisions helps to organize the information for better interpretation.

About the Houses

The house system depends on the rotation of the Earth in relation to the influencing planets. Taken into account is the time, location, as well as the position of the planet relative to the position of the Earth.

These positions are divided into 12 distinct sections, or houses. Each house rules over a specific sphere of influence. If you look at where all the planets fall on any specific date and location, you’ll see the areas in which their energies will have the greatest impact.

Thus, when an astrologer says you have a planet in a certain house, it means that particular planet will govern the things that fall into that house’s sphere of influence.

The 12 Houses—a Brief Description

First house: Your identity and attitude. How you present yourself to the world. It’s ruled by the sign Aries.

Second House: the physical body; your Values, priorities, needs and requirements (materialistic needs or security). It’s ruled by the sign Taurus.

Third House: the mind; communication, self expression, intelligence, education. It’s ruled by the sign Gemini.

Fourth House: home; the physical home, your family, your roots. It’s ruled by the sign Cancer.

Fifth House: creations; your creativity, talents and hobbies; your fertility and children. It’s ruled by the sign Leo.

Sixth House: responsibilities; the tasks you're required to do; your job/career; your co-workers and bosses. It’s ruled by the sign Virgo.

Seventh House: relationships; your interpersonal relationships; your spouse/partner; business relationships. It’s ruled by the sign Leo.

Eighth House: Support; legalities; investments; resources. It’s ruled by the sign Scorpio.

Ninth House: Education; learning, college, self-study. It’s ruled by the sign Sagittarius.

Tenth House: Public life; fame; authority; long-range goals; organizations. It’s ruled by the sign Capricorn.

Eleventh House: Socialization; friends; groups; altruism. It’s ruled by the sign Aquarius.

Twelfth House: Private self; unconscious; subconscious; secrets; that which is hidden. It’s ruled by the sign Pisces.

It’s not an exhaustive list, but it gives you a sample of the kinds of things governed by each house. Learning more in depth will help you make full sense of your natal chart.


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