How Eclipses Affect You

Have you ever wondered how an eclipse can have an effect on you? If you think about, everything that happens in the universe can have some type of effect on you so why would eclipses be any different? There are two kinds of eclipses: solar and lunar. Each involves the sun, moon, and earth aligning perfectly to create a visually stimulating shadow of the earth.

Eclipses typically happen four times per year, which includes two lunar and two solar. A lunar eclipse means that the moon is rotating into earth’s shadow which causes it to appear darker. This is the most common eclipse you can see. A solar eclipse is much more drastic and hard to see. The sun becomes hidden by the moon causing a beautiful light ring around the moon.

Astrology studies the orbit of the earth, moon, and sun into different dimensions. Each zodiac sign has a different place in the universe. Past eclipses have been measured to their exact degree, which puts it into a specific zodiac location. For example, a solar eclipse that happens in the Gemini location would cause people to feel the Gemini characteristics such as change, flexibility, and communication. When watching a solar or lunar eclipse, focus on how you are feeling. Eclipses have energy unlike any other and that energy can be felt if focused on.

Have you ever wondered how an eclipse can happen? Scientists have discovered that there are exactly 108 moons in the distance from the moon and the earth and exactly 108 suns in the distance from the sun and the earth. This is critical because it is the sacred way of creating life through vibrations. During an eclipse, everything in the universe is perfectly aligned. How amazing is this considering every sun and moon? There is a reason for it. Everything in nature has a meaning and can benefit you if you only let it.

The next time there is a solar or lunar eclipse, be sure to watch it and focus on how you feel. Focus on exactly how you feel before the sun and moon align and how you feel at the exact moment they are perfectly aligned. Even if you are in an area where the eclipse is not visible, the energies can still affect you. The energies are flowing through the earth whether you can see it or not and it is important to focus on those energies as you would if you could physically see it happening. The earth is being affected every time an eclipse is happening and this affects you too. This is a perfect time for meditating and reflecting on life and your goals. Focus on the sun and the moon and see how it can positively affect your life.


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